Habgood Street

A contemporary residential design for a growing teenage family (technically a renovation project) constructed within the spatial limits defined by the existing basement footprint. The spatial challenges of the brief were resolved by developing a clever solution to add an additional two floors over the existing footprint, in such a way as to disguise theses additional floor plates by enveloping them in an overall roof/wall form which blurs the lines between what is a wall and what is roof.  When viewed from the street, it is difficult to define the scale of the residence ….is it one or two storeys? Sited over three levels, the entry into the building is over-emphasised by the central placement of a stair ramp leading from the property boundary up to the entry lobby.  The lobby is sited at a midway floor level bisecting the building form into two zones. When arriving at this point, the vast volume of central foyer and the articulation of the floor levels are perceived with views through the residence to the Swan River beyond revealed.  This is the core of the home which links the living spaces and master bedroom suite on the top level to kids and family spaces on the ground to carparking and services in the basement. Large outdoor entertaining areas and terraces are all positioned on the northern face, ensuring light and orientation towards the River View.

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