Doongalla Rd

Seeking inspiration from the form and monumental scale of raw sandstone quarry blocks, this bespoke modernist home pays homage to the client’s migrant heritage roots in stone quarries. Elevated above the river it presents itself as an outwardly engaging two-storey rectilinear framed composition with dynamic angular stone clad geometry transitioning to a looser, curvaceous enveloping forms at the rear where the public and private spaces collide and a hidden Japanese garden, meditation deck and koi pond are revealed.  With living zones positioned over four levels, the quality of the interior space generates an emotive response that somehow embodies that of a bespoke art gallery except where the artwork has been replaced by the organic textures of stone.  The interior spaces are meticulously detailed echoing the disciplined architectural palette of zinc panelling, black granite, articulated slotted windows, angular walls and contrasting smooth and quarry drill faced stone textures.

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