The client brief entailed the restoration and conversion of an old, tired West Perth building into a contemporary functional office space & corporate headquarters that embraced the core philosophy and values of the entity.  The unique blend of classical detailing inherent in the existing building fabric allowed for a unique amalgamation of the old with the new. The existing building fabric was utilised as a classical decorative backdrop, with the insertion of new contemporary office furniture treated as an installation within the space.

The black, minimal, and clean lines of the furniture pieces juxtaposed against the intricate and delicate detailing creates a timeless and balanced feel. The contrasting styles, old vs new, classical vs contemporary, ornate vs minimal bring out the strengths in one another whilst, being limited to the physical constraints the existing building shell. The general layout of the office and the use of the workstations allow for not only a functional space but makes provision for future growth within the company.

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