The design of this innovative national Childcare brand sought to both push the boundaries of design and challenge any pre-conceived notions of childcare in Australia.  The design solution sought to capture the underpinning  values of the brand; Family, Fun, Community, Multicultural and Education  The overall building form derived from an abstract notion of the Rhubix cube inherently portrays itself within the buildings external façade and internal spaces successfully expressing a notion of fun, child’s play and the building blocks of life.

The use of bold colours reinforcing the multicultural value inherent within the brand, were inspired from the values of harmony(blue), friendship (red), communication (yellow), dignity (purple), community (orange) and peace (white).  With its national expansion program well underway, this revolutionary childcare concept is bound to stand the test of time and make inroads into the childcare marketplace when the first of many centres opens in early 2007.

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